Adventures Sports in Ooty

Adventure Sports

Adventures Sports in Ooty are thrilling and worth doing. I believe a spirit for doing all these fearless activities is always there in my heart and soul. Surprised much? Look at the most amazing yet thundering outdoor adventure sports in Ooty.

1. Zip Crossing

Zip Crossing- Adventure Sports in Ooty
Zip Crossing

Zip Crossing- Adventure Sports in Ooty


Zip Line Crossing was a unique and an exhilarating aerial journey for me. Before this I had done one more zip line crossing too, that was in Nainitaal which is in Uttarakhand. But this crossing which is near the Doddabeta Peak which is the highest peak in Tamil Nadu was something that scared me yet I wanted to do it because if it scares you it might be a good thing to try. Somehow, I got some courage and with a great adrenaline rush, I went for this worth experiencing adventure with my sister. In this aerial journey full of screams, thrill and happiness I witnessed the ravishing beauty of our nature, Nilgiri Mountains and posh Eucalyptus Trees which were stunning. I also want to share that I also have a height phobia yet I do all these activities because I want to overcome that fear and increase my confidence.

With this adventure activity, I was able to trust my instincts and deal with my fears that will stick with me throughout my life.

2. Bridge Crossing

After doing Zip Line Crossing I was up for another adventure sport too. Bridge Crossing, it sounds very easy and a very joyful activity and some people say it is meant for kids even I use to think the same but after performing this activity in heavy rainfall I realized how challenging it was. For this Bridge Crossing, you need a lot of muscular strength and strong legs which unfortunately I don’t have at all but I had COURAGE which is above all, because if you have the courage and you are daring enough no one can stop you from doing adventure not even this long and narrow bridge. My advice to all the readers would be to wear good shoes so that you can make a balance with your body and wear jackets because of the weather conditions. Rain and cold winds can storm you anytime.

While I was doing this activity my hands were continuously shaking, my legs were trembling and my heart was beating as fast as it could. Somehow, it started raining and with God’s grace the bridge also started shaking I was in the middle of the bridge while all of this happening. For a second I was thinking that where have I landed, but I didn’t want to give up because the biggest adventure is what lies ahead so thinking like this I kept walking and finally reached my destination. The moment I reached the finish point I realized that our Life is also like this bridge all of us are walking in a bridge called life facing rains and storms in the form of obstacles but all we have to do is keep walking witnessing all the good and bad things about the bridge of life. For the sake of your soul, venture out and challenge yourself! You’ll feel Brilliant!

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