Best Places to do Paragliding


Paragliding is one adventure sport is absolutely one of my favourite adventures. It definitely leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment and amazement. If you’re really missing some real fun in life then you must try this because this adventure sport will not disappoint you at all. It lets us enjoy the thrill of flying, a feeling of being free like a bird from all the chaos in life and of course you can witness the most iconic panoramic views of nature which will leave you spellbound. Paragliding for sure is an unforgettable experience in a person’s life. Here in this post, I’m going to mention some of the best places to do Paragliding around the world.


1 Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India

I am from India and with a proud feeling I would like to share that Bir a village located in Himachal Pradesh of India is one of the best places to do Paragliding. It is the second best place to do paragliding in the world! Isn’t that huge? Bir Billing also hosted Paragliding World Cup in 2015. It is also considered the most appropriate and safest destination for paragliding in the world by many of the participants in World Cup. One has a choice to go either Solo or Tandem Paragliding. The pilots over there are experienced ones so your life is in safe hands. They have a great knowledge about airspeed, altitude, clouds, wind, temperature and route. Best time for doing it is between October-June. During the rainy season, it is closed. The price for doing this is INR 2500 per person + 5% GST.

2 Hautes Alpes, France

Hautes Alpes is in southern-east France named after Alps mountain range. Flying in the Alps which is the biggest mountain range in Europe is indeed incredible. The Alps also provides another number of activities also like E-cycling, Road Cycling, White Water Kayaking and Mountain Biking. However, it is advisable to visit and do paragliding in the summer season because during winters it becomes really tough and moreover, at that time other activities are performed.

3 Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand

Paragliding in Queenstown gives us a view of beautiful nature and magnificent views. It is surrounded by the Southern Alps, that makes it a wonderful platform to jump off and fly.  The best part about doing paragliding here is that one can perform this adventure activity in any season because the climate is always suitable to do Paragliding. You can also get your photos and videos with Go Pro that captures you, spectacular landscapes and breathtaking views around you.

4 Babadag, Turkey

Babadag is a mountain near Fethiye, southwest Turkey. It is located near Oludeniz beach. Pilots flying from Babadag mountain in Turkey can fly over the Oludeniz lagoon before landing on the beach which is amongst one of the top 5 beaches in the world. The flight is very safe all the necessary types of equipment are there for your safety. The weather is never below 25 degrees. Many air games are held here, you can also attend them. They also provide a DVD with your pictures or videos in it within an appropriate package.

5 Wengen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland is full of beauty and scenery. Doing paragliding in this beautiful country is a big thing in itself where you can witness wonderful sights, amazing mountains and greenery. You can also explore Jungfrau-Aletsch site that is protected by UNESCO. Paragliding activity is open for tourists in all the seasons.

Some of the other popular places to do Paragliding are Dune du Pyla, Treh, Annecy all three of them are in France. Whereas, you can also visit Danyang (South Korea), Olu Deniz (Turkey) and Seiser Alm (Italy)

Please make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes depending upon the weather conditions. Avoid wearing sandals instead wear sports shoes. Do carry a water bottle and sunglasses with yourself. Do not panic if the weather goes wrong and listen to the instructions very carefully. A small mistake can cause your life at risk!

Do share your views and experiences in the comments till then Enjoy Flying! 

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