Sky Diving: A Surreal Experience

Sky Diving

Sky Diving is an adventure sport it is also called as Parachuting. This is one of the most scariest adventure sport which I really want to do before I die. And many people after watching Zoya Akhtar’s “Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara” definitely want to perform this activity either with their friends or themselves. Leonardo Di Caprio says, Once you have tasted the sky, you will forever look up. Skydiving for me is the desire to fly and being at the top of the world.

Sky Diving
Sky Diving: A Surreal Experience

Through this post, I’m going to mention the Best Sky Divings in the world. And hopefully, one day with God’s grace I will also be able to experience them.

Sky Diving-Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“The intense wait, a racing heartbeat, a surge of adrenaline moments of insanity, a strong gust of wind, before free falling at 12o miles per hour.” Jumping out of an airplane and floating above the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, sounds pretty exciting right? The team over there recommends that you make your skydiving reservations at least one to two months in advance. The instructors over there are highly experienced, many of them are world record holders and all of them are friendly and approachable. People have given a positive response after experiencing the thrill. The cost in Dihrams per Skydive is 1999.

Skydiving Dubai-Sky Diving
Skydiving Dubai

Skydive-Hawaii, The United States of America.

Flying above the clouds and falling through the Hawaiian skies at 120mph is an adventure you will always remember and treasure. One can witness Oahu Island, a US island in the central Pacific Ocean. On a clear day, it is possible to see the other Hawaiian Islands. As you fly to the landing area, you can witness spectacular views of  Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, Kaena Point and North Shore coastline. You can also watch beautiful whales and other marine life. The cost is $250 approximately.

Skydiving in Hawaii, The United States of America-Sky Diving
Skydiving in Hawaii, The United States of America.

Everest Skydive-Mount Everest, Nepal.

Watching Mount Everest from a bird’s eye view, sounds spectacular? Must be because witnessing World’s highest mountain peak is one hell of an experience. But hang on, performing this adventure sport is a big challenge in itself. It is one of the toughest Sky divings in the world. It is considered as one of the elite adventure holidays in the world and therefore remains a dream event for many people. Dropping off from the helicopter from a height of at least 23,000 ft is undeniably the highest commercial aerial event in the world. One can feel the sky from the highest point of the Earth and experience the Himalayan environment of vast altitudes. These jumps don’t come cheap and easy tandem jumps start at $20,000 based on an 11-day itinerary that includes several days of trekking.

Skydiving in Mount Everest, Nepal-Sky Diving
Skydiving in Mount Everest, Nepal.

NZONE Skydive-Queenstown, New Zealand. 

NZONE Skydive is one of the most trusted in New Zealand. They say the oldest jumper they ever took up was 94 years old! This adventure sport is being performed since 1990 and it is the only one to have won New Zealand’s Supreme Tourism Award. It has the largest plane capacity, jumped over 250,000 customers up to date. The prices for the Skydiving varies from different altitudes but it starts from $299.

NZONE-Skydiving-Sky Diving

Skydive-Cape Town, South Africa.

Throughout this one can witness incredible views of the Table Mountain and Robben Island. The jump from over 9000ft is all about the scenery of this beautiful country. It is one of the the most beautiful Drop Zones in the world. Through Cape Skydiving, one can witness breath taking views.

Skydiving in Cape Town, South Africa-Sky Diving
Skydiving in Cape Town, South Africa.

The first Skydives is a scary thing. BE BRAVE. Even if you’re not just pretend to be, no one can tell the difference. 😉

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