Anil Kumar : Bhaag Anil Bhaag!

Anil Kumar, wondering who is he? ”Life holds a special message for those who dare to dream” these lines hold true value for this man. We all are aware of the plight of Indian athletes in India. There are so many athletes in our country who are highly talented and hard working but the question is where do they lack? It’s not a difficult question to answer it’s obviously MONEY! Basically, no one is ready to support them or sponsor them for their training, nutrition, equipment’s, accommodation¬†etc. But again the question is WHY? Why are we still not ready to encourage them? They are bringing goodwill to our country only, so WHY are we still not ready to trust them and their profession? WHY is the whole attention paid to Cricket only? The discrimination is evident I need not write about that. ‘India definitely needs to rediscover another sport and pay attention to the athletes and their requirements.’

So, coming back to the focus- “ANIL KUMAR” a simple man born and brought up in Kerela. His father is a woodcutter and mother a coolie runner. From the very beginning, he loved to run and he kept running to make a profession as an Athlete. His family, friends and all the people around him supported him a lot and he kept running. He took part in most of the competitions and championships and he almost won all of them. But then came a situation where he had to choose between his career and his family and unfortunately, he became a woodcutter just like his father, but he would still find time to Run! He would cut wood and run and run and run, and he never stopped running. He finally reached the National Cross Country Championship and took part in 10,000 meters run and won the GOLD. And then he also took part in the 1500 meters and he won a SILVER. Sounds amazing? Undoubtedly YES! But, what’s the problem? He’s not a cricketer, he is an athlete, in fact, a Masters Athlete who is now 38 years of age and he runs in championships which are meant for people above 35.

Anil Kumar in a still-Anil Kumar: Bhaag Anil Bhaag
Anil Kumar in a still.

Anil Kumar was shortlisted for Athletic World Championships held in Australia, Indonesia, France, China etc. And again the question is, ‘Did he win?’ and the answer is ‘He didn’t Go’ reason, as I’ve mentioned above, is obviously money and support. Only the sponsors and the authorities are not the main culprits but we as an INDIAN society are equally responsible for this. “We sit in our cozy little drawing rooms and come up with our cozy little theories that what is wrong with the Indian sport, we are what is wrong with Indian sport”¬†The first step towards redemption can only come from us. The choice is ours and ours alone. Everything else, media coverage and government policies are a reflection. So, Anil has been shortlisted for Asian Masters Athletic Championship it’s happening in China in September 2017. But, again the question arises ‘Is he competing?’ and amazingly with a big smile on my face I’m typing ‘YES’ but ‘How on earth is that possible?’ You all must be thinking that the state government or the sponsors must have supported him but no there are two wonderful human beings who discovered this man, his story, his struggles and used their fame to help him to get into the Championship.

Nischay Gogia, founder of the Moochwala and TV Actor Nakuul Mehta in a still from the video #BhaagAnilBhaag.- Anil Kumar: Bhaag Anil Bhaag
Nischay Gogia, founder of the Moochwala and TV Actor Nakuul Mehta in a still from the video #BhaagAnilBhaag.

Anil Kumar: Bhaag Anil Bhaag

Look how these men twirled their mooch with pride and helped ANIL KUMAR to fuel his dream and making him one step closer to what he has been waiting for, since ages! GOOD LUCK ANIL! #BhaagAnilBhaag

Do check out this video to know more about Anil!

Anil Kumar

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