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Ooty is a town in the beautiful state of Tamil Nadu surrounded by breathtaking Nilgiri Mountains and post Eucalyptus Forests. The place generally has mild weather conditions throughout the year. Wind is always high over there. If you’re going there by air then the flight is till Coimbatore Airport and then one has to travel around 85 kms to reach Ooty by road. The roads are very neat and clean. The whole state is rich in cleanliness. While travelling from Coimbatore to Kodaikanal which is 165 kms I had seen some magnificent Wind Mills, as we all know Tamil Nadu has the highest wind power capacity in India.

Wind Mills near Ooty-Ooty Travel Guide
Wind Mills near Ooty.

Kodaikanal is very well known for its Pine forests and mouth-watering homemade chocolates. The places that one can visit in Kodaikanal are- Coakers Walk, Suicide Point and definitely the Pine Forests.

Ooty Travel Guide


Ooty Travel Guide

While travelling from Kodaikanal to Ooty which is 300 kms, so one can travel from the Nilgiri Toy Train to witness the greenery and breathtakinng Tea Plantations and Gardens. The experience is out of the world and it is the only mountain train that operates on a daily basis in Southern India.

Visiting Ooty was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. The thing that still drives me to visit this place again is the cleanliness and the pollution free air the city has. This place is known for its amazing lakes i.e Ooty Lake and Pykara Lake, beautiful gardens i.e Rose Garden and Botanical Gardens, delicious English Fruits and Vegetables and Doddabeta Peak, which is the highest peak of Tamil Nadu.

Ooty Travel Guide

Ooty Travel Guide

There is also one world famous Thread Garden over there, approximately 6 crore meters of embroidery thread have been employed in the creation of this one of a kind attraction.

Thread Garden in Ooty-Ooty Travel Guide
Thread Garden in Ooty

Ooty is also famous for it’s Plain green lush mountains. The wind in these mountains are extremely cold but the view from the hilltop is worth watching and admirable. One has to climb a lot to reach the hilltop, but climb mountains not so the world can see you but so you can see the world! Every mountain top is rich if you keep climbing. So Hike more and Worry Less!


Ooty Travel Guide

I urge all my readers to visit this place before you run out of time to witness the amazing scenery in your life. Because, trust me it feels good to be lost in a right direction. So it’s better to see something than hearing a lot about it so go and travel Ooty! Travelling is the only thing you buy and that makes you rich.

Ooty Travel Guide

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